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The Roland of Bad Bramstedt

Image Copyright: Joachim Müllerchen at de.wikipedia

To be honest: The Roland on the marketplace of Bad Bramstedt looks a bit sad. Like an old Roman warrior after a just lost battle even though he holds resolutely in his outstretched arm the (market reeve) sword horizontally.
Although he has every reason to look happy and proud. After all »his« Bad Bramstedt is a respectable small town known and loved as a health resort for a long time. In addition he is supposed to be Germany's most northern Roland. He also looks back on a long and glorious past.
Bramstedter Rolands first, still made from wood, can be traced back to the year 1533. Since 1693 stands the stone Roland here, made of Oberkirchner sandstone and sometimes renovated like in the years 1748, 1827, 1895 and 1965.
Important market day was held in view of the Roland, contracts affirmed and disputes settled. Even merchants from Brabant used to trade here. Mostly cattle trader conducted their business here. The famous historical Ochsenweg from Jutland ran through Bad Bramstedt. On a board at the foot of the Roland one can read: »Symbol der Handelsgerechtsame im Ochsenhandel.« (fair trade ox trade)

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